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Crunching the Competition

The Success of Real Crisps' Innovative Packaging & Facebook Ad Campaign
The Goal

The objective was to boost brand awareness for REAL Crisps. We aimed to propel their delicious crisps by carving a permanent place in the hearts (and appetites) of consumers.

This wasn't about simply selling more crisps; it was about igniting consumer reactions through disruptive marketing.

The Approach
Our approach to REAL Crisps was a bold one: refresh the brand identity while captivating new taste buds and retaining existing fans. We ditched the expected and launched a packaging revolution featuring unique, face-forward designs that stopped shoppers in their tracks. Each face told a story, sparking curiosity and injecting personality into the crowded snack aisle.

To amplify this, we unleashed targeted Facebook ads, zeroing in on the perfect audience for brand awareness.
Campaign Success
The campaign yielded a resounding success, exceeding all expectations. Brand recognition skyrocketed, doubling within weeks as Real Crisps' distinctive faces became readily identifiable across the snacking landscape. This surge in awareness attracted a wave of new customers, captivated by the brand's vibrant personality and promise of flavourful adventures.

The impact on sales was also impressive, exceeding multiple forecasts by a surge of consumer demand. This successful campaign will remain a memorable one for years to come.
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