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Engagement Campaign

976,368 Complete Views Achieved with a High-Performing Campaign
The Goal
In today's competitive market, standing out with your brand requires more than just a good product. Consumers are increasingly looking for companies that align with their values, embrace creativity and deliver exceptional performance.

Loctite, a household name in adhesives, needed a marketing strategy that would not only drive brand awareness and sales but also effectively communicate its commitment to sustainability, creativity and high performance.
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The Approach
Our approach was data-driven from the start. We analysed consumer trends and identified a growing interest in sustainable, creative and high-performance products. We then used this insight to tailor our messaging and target specific audience segments. We A/B tested different ad creatives to see what resonated best, and used website tracking tools to measure the effectiveness of our campaigns.

This data-driven approach allowed us to continuously optimise our strategy and ensure we were reaching the right people with the right message at the right time. This ultimately led to the campaign's success in exceeding brand awareness, traffic and sales goals.
Campaign Success
The success of the campaign was nothing short of ground-breaking. Our revitalised Facebook campaign, featuring the catchy slogan "Say yes to Loctite!", resonated deeply with consumers, propelling Loctite back to its rightful place as the ultimate adhesive solution.

This potent combination of data-driven targeting, engaging visuals and a memorable tagline yielded phenomenal results. Not only did we reach nearly 1 million users, but we also witnessed a staggering 7% conversion rate - a testament to the campaign's effectiveness in turning awareness into action. This remarkable achievement revitalised Loctite's brand image, leaving a lasting impression on consumers and cementing its position as the go-to choice for all their bonding needs.
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