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Successful sales in Holland & Barrett due to a  brand repositioning campaign with a focus on natural and pure honey.
Design iterations conducted during the consumer research phase
The Goal
Our objective was simple yet ambitious: to unlock the full brand potential of this natural honey. By crafting a digital strategy that championed its sustainability and purity, we aimed to spark a surge in customer demand and satisfaction. This meant harnessing the power of storytelling and art, weaving a compelling narrative around ethical sourcing and meticulous production.
10 million+
Health-conscious and fitness-savvy consumers targeted
Lifeplan_Rainforest_Honey (1).jpg
The Approach
Our approach centered around a bold packaging transformation. Inspired by John Dyer's vibrant Amazonian canvases, we crafted a visual tapestry that echoed the honey's natural origin.

Each label, meticulously chosen through consumer research, unfolded a unique story of ethical sourcing and artisanal production. This immersive experience resonated deeply, as evidenced by the positive feedback and subsequent launch at Holland & Barrett.
Launch Success
The results were undeniable: customer perceptions of quality and authenticity soared, solidifying their competitive advantage in a saturated market. The packaging became more than just a vessel; it became a testament to Lifeplan's commitment to nature and a powerful gateway to brand loyalty.
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